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  • We will begin the preparation for Christmas Advent every Sunday from now until Christmas, a half-hour before mass at 8:30 AM.

    Additionally, for those who wish to join the choir practice on a regular basis, practice begins every Sunday at 8 AM if you wish to raise your voices and lift your hearts with song during the mass every Sunday.  All are welcome.

  • St. John Thrift Store & Food Pantry Updates

    Thrift Store:
    Sales: $5,485.40
    Monetary Donations: $240.00
    Assistance: Families: 23
    Total Amount Paid: $1,824.15

    Current Needs:
    Household items, knicknacks, any winter blankets & clothes. Items may be left at St. Joseph Parish Hall in Leitchfield Monday-Friday from 8am to 4pm or call the store at 270-597-1038.

    Food Pantry:
    Donations: $1,500.00
    Number Families Helped: 34
    The pantry is located directly behind the thrift store at 301 N. Main St. in Brownsville. Stop by and take a look sometime.
  • Saint of the Day

    • a year ago
      Image: Saints in Rome & Beyond. Saint Anthony Mary Claret Saint of the Day for October 24 (December 23, 1807 – October 24, 1870)...
  • Why the Eucharist is so important to Catholics.

  • A Dynamic Catholic

    Imagine if everyone in our
    parish did these four things:
    1. Spent 10 minutes each day in prayerful
    conversation with God.
    2. Read 5 pages of a great Catholic book each
    3. Gave 1% more of their income to support the mission of our parish than last year.
    4. Did 1 thing each week to share the genius of
    Catholicism with someone else.

    Then we could say that we are a Dynamic Catholic Parish.

  • Sophia Award

    Congratulations to Dick Dyche who was chosen to receive from the diocese this year’s Sophia Award for his outstanding serve in our parish.

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